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Brighton CCA

A new centre for
contemporary arts at the
University of Brighton

Public Programme

In June, Flo invited six friends and allies living in Brighton, to informally respond to the rural. Working remotely and in isolation due to COVID-19, this group began sharing ideas and experiences through email threads, text, occasional real-life exchange and The Daily Winds Newsletter, a bi-monthly collation of informative and creative contributions sent via the post.
With a shared interest in making things, queer DIY cultures and community building, this on-going conversation is expressed through a variety of mediums. Influenced by the group’s interests across music, photography, video, craft and writing, their approach to the research centres personal reflection and lived experience.
Now elements of this process are being displayed within The Daily Winds Tourist Information Centre (TIC), a provisional dwelling place modelled loosely on the rural British TIC. While for some a TIC can symbolise a particular set of British ideals or values connected to tropes of nationhood and nostalgia, for others it can equally provide a means of sharing human connections to places and cultures. In this context, the Tourist Information Centre enables information, fiction and visuals to come together as an on-going investigation into the complexities of ruralism.


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Here you can find details of the accompanying programme of projects and events, happening both in the gallery space and online. All free to attend.

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