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This event is part of Flo Brooks

All Stressed Up, Courtesy Leeds Animation Workshop

Waste Watchers, Courtesy Leeds Animation Workshop

Daily Winds Tourist Office , Fictional Advert

Daily Winds Tourist Office , Fictional Advert

Daily Winds Tourist Office , Fictional Advert

Flo Brooks’ has selected a number of films for this series of Front Room Film as part of his exhibition Angletwich. We’re delighted to bring you this online screening in partnership with Leeds Animation Workshop, showing Waste Watchers  and All Stressed Up.

Please find listed below a number of resources and access to the films. The films will be available to watch online for 24 hours.

1. Introduction from Flo Brooks & Polly Wright [Text version available hereAudio version available here)

2. Leeds Animation Workshop booklets: [All Stressed Up, Waste Watchers]

3. Fictional Adverts from The Daily Winds Tourist Office (Slideshow above)

We would love to hear any feedback, comments and reflection you might like to share. You can contact us by replying to this email, or via instagram @brightoncca


About Leeds Animation Workshop

Leeds Animation Workshop is a not-for-profit, cooperative company, run by women, which produces and distributes animated films and films on social and educational issues. The organisation began in 1976 as a group of women friends who came together to make a film about the need for pre-school childcare. After completing WHO NEEDS NURSERIES? – WE DO! the group was formally established in 1978 as Leeds Animation Workshop. Throughout its history the Workshop has been run by women, who have carried out all stages of the production process, from initial research to final distribution.

The films are all produced in consultation with organisations and individuals involved in the relevant field. The Workshop specialises in making complex or sensitive issues more accessible to audiences, and at times offering an alternative point of view. As well as production and distribution, the Workshop has been involved in many other activities, such as organising screenings and providing workshop sessions in basic animation for adults and young people.

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