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Brighton CCA

A new centre for
contemporary arts at the
University of Brighton

Brighton CCA is delighted to launch the Grand Parade Press; a series of publications produced by Brighton CCA and University of Brighton University Creative Futures, about the pursuit of knowledge and the mechanisms through which we acquire and share an understanding of our material, social and environmental surroundings. Each edition will interweave elements of the Brighton CCA programme with research from the University of Brighton and elsewhere to articulate a symbiotic relationship between research and cultural production.

Engaging in research, the act of investigation, is fundamental to human nature and yet what is considered of value in research is deeply contested. The Grand Parade Press articulates a more comprehensive conception of what research can be. Is it for example, only the preserve of the academic community? Is it necessarily empirical? Must methodologies be logical in their approach and what is the role of chance? How is it possible to characterise the relationship between research and understanding? How do we consider artistic practice in this context?

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