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University of Brighton

Dialogues is Brighton CCA’s research programme; articulating contemporary artists’ practice as research and the value of culture as a site of knowledge production and exchange. The programme takes it name from The Dialogues Project – a 1966 project by the American artist Lee Lozano  –  for which the artist invited a broad cross section of people to discuss art, work and life at her studio. There was no pressure to produce, no hierarchies only a belief in the value of sharing ideas, methodologies and experience.

Conceived in that spirit, Dialogues supports the development of new work through offering a context for sharing ideas and working methodologies. The focus is on acting as an incubator for collaboration, functioning as a platform for the discussion of creative practice at the intersection of art and academia to generate an online index of contemporary creative research.

The project is divided into three strands – Studio, Expanding, Communal – while each has a particular focus and identity, there will also be cross fertilisation and exchange between them. These conversations are central to the development of the wider Brighton CCA programme; framing the ways we support our community of artists and partners as they inform our exhibitions and projects.

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