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On set photograph from Boys in the Backyard - Annette Kennerley, 1997. Courtesy of the Artist and Cinenova Distribution.

On set photograph from Matt - Annette Kennerley, 1998. Courtesy of the Artist and Cinenova Distribution.

Flo Brooks’ selected a number of works for this series of Front Room Film as part of his exhibition Angletwich. We’re delighted to bring you this online screening in partnership with Cinenova, featuring two films by Annette Kennerley, Boys in the Backyard and Matt.

Please find listed below a number of resources that accompanied the films:

1. An introduction from Flo Brooks & Polly Wright [Text version available hereAudio version available here]

2. Smoulder and Curl: An interview with Annette Kennerley by Club des Femmes available online [Part one / Part two]

3. Introduction to Cinenova [PDF here]



Boys In The Backyard
Annette Kennerley
UK, 1997. 22mins.
A slice of San Francisco life in the summer of ’93. Matt and Jo sit together in their back yard and talk about their daddy/boy relationship, transgender, life/love, tattoos and tomato plants.

Annette Kennerley
UK, 1998. 20mins
Five years after the making of the video portrait Boys in the Backyard, the filmmaker returns to San Francisco to see what has become of Matt.

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