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Each Wednesday of November at 6.30pm we will be screening two works by DUBAIS. Free to attend, please book your place to ensure entry as there is a limited capacity.

Utilizing surrealist and futuristic aesthetic, AMERICAS is a visual micro album from DUBAIS written about paranoia, nostalgia, Stockholm Syndrome, consumer technologies, mindfulness©, isolation, and the current state of America. AMERICAS was created by and for Youtube and iPhones.

( )topia is an a portrait of an American Ghost town featuring a musical collaboration between DUBAIS and HELL BOOKS.

بدبى aka DUBAIS is the interdisciplinary lo-fi ArabFuturist band from cultural activist and artist Nadia Buyse, who has been in at least 30 bands that she can remember (Caldonias, Ghost Mom, Tombstalker, Business Lunch to name a few). Although DUBAIS operates like a band, it often times becomes a vehicle for performance based work and cultural activism in which Nadia uses the tropes of pop music to examine post modern human conditions; focusing on diasporic migration, emotional incapacitations, consumer technologies, hybrid identities, intersectional feminism, and transnational communities. Under this moniker, DUBAIS has released music, published text, taught a multitude of workshops, exhibited work, organized/participated in protests/ demos and performed in more than 20 countries.

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