We are open from 12pm
Free Admission

Brighton CCA

A new centre for
contemporary arts at the
University of Brighton

This event is part of The Daily Winds Tourist Information Centre

The Daily Winds Map of Brighton is a temporary mapping-project, designed to research how queerness intersects with rural, or outdoor spaces, in and around Brighton and Hove. Anyone who identifies as queer/ LGBTQIA+ is invited to submit a creative response tallied to a location that resonates with them.

The first round of contributions is detailed on the map and includes work by James William Murray, EvaLJonas, Skye Kember and Lee Campbell.

This is inspired in part by the project ‘Queering the Map’, that ‘geo-locates queer moments, memories and histories in relation to physical space.’ In their words, ‘There are no guidelines to what constitutes an act of queering space… anything from direct action activism to a conversation expressing preferred pronouns.’

This map is housed within The Daily Winds Tourist Information Centre at Brighton CCA, a provisional dwelling place modelled loosely on the rural British TIC. This forms part of the current exhibition Angletwich by Flo Brooks, a semi autobiographical narrative of queer and trans experience of rural South West England where he grew up, in particular its marginalised spaces and communities.

Follow this link to see the full PDF of how to get involved.


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