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‘This is an object’ is the first thing you’ll hear from Joel’s mouth as you immerse yourself into the meditative and astute process of imagining what isn’t. A friend of the artist recently described over dinner that ‘on’ – in Finnish is a unifying adverb for what ‘is’ whether it be past, present or future. ‘Tämä on’ being ‘this is’. Joel’s practice has previously followed Tal R, whose commentary on leaving a colon at the end of a word for us as viewers to fulfil with our own answer, or alternatively deciding the answer and placing the colon before it – forcing any viewer to only imagine what came before it, only to imagine and not know, acts as a bridge and source for response. Like Tal R’s colon he will place his statement ‘This is’ or ‘Tämä on’ in curiosity for what might be received by us, as the audience, as to what came before it.

This exhibit was stirred by the artist imagining how to work through the lockdown to make a physical phenomenon for people to enjoy, while not being able to engage socially due to the restrictive nature of the pandemic. While the artist specialises in art-practice based painting, he has always enjoyed the cumulative aspect of the found object, and objecthood of painting. This exhibit stands to be a research based show over 6 months exploring that same intersection through words.

This is project #9 of Dorset Place x 11 collaborations – a new series of projects and work responding to the university as a site for experimentation and learning. Admission is free and open to all.

Dorset Place is Brighton CCA’s project space and hosts a series of short projects and exhibitions by emerging artists, organisations, curators and students. With a fast changing programme, the space is an exciting platform for experimentation, collaboration and engagement with new ideas and voices. Dorset Place allows us to be responsive, initiating and supporting projects which stand alone or connect to our wider programme. The space is offered free of charge with curatorial, marketing and limited technical support.

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