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For their inaugural exhibition as a collective, LIMB will explore [hydro]ecology as a form of writing beyond words and writing beyond meaning. Thinking through wet ecologies as sensitive surfaces, as inscribing agencies and as archives, they look towards nonhuman expansions of the very idea of inscription itself.

They will show work spanning moving images, artificial intelligence, photography, printmaking and living installation, and a public programme of workshops and events will be spaced throughout the exhibition period. A collaborative textile piece charting LIMB’s research will cover the Dorset Place gallery window and visitors will be encouraged to contribute to a growing archive of images and objects which feed into new ways of forming more-than-human communication and kinship.

LIMB is a collective of artists, writers, researchers and curators based between the UK, France, and Germany. Through collaborative projects and individual practices, they share a pluridisciplinary approach and think through entangled issues surrounding ecologies, interspecies communication, nonhuman life-worlds, aesthetics and language. Research-as-practice and practice-as-research lie at the heart of their work, and they continually engage in direct and indirect co-creations with webs of nonhuman interdependence.

This is project #5 of Dorset Place x 11 collaborations – a new series of projects and work responding to the university as a site for experimentation and learning. Admission is free and open to all.

Dorset Place is Brighton CCA’s project space and hosts a series of short projects and exhibitions by emerging artists, organisations, curators and students. With a fast changing programme, the space is an exciting platform for experimentation, collaboration and engagement with new ideas and voices. Dorset Place allows us to be responsive, initiating and supporting projects which stand alone or connect to our wider programme. The space is offered free of charge with curatorial, marketing and limited technical support.

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