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This event is part of Silt

Elsa Monteith

We commissioned Elsa Monteith to create a track-list responding to Silt,

“This track-list crosses waters, from the fluency of Frantz Casseus in Haiti to Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou’s Song of the Sea by way of Ethiopia. Audio is another language and landscape, one that meanders through dialects and identities, never quite settling. Ana Roxanne composes within (and beyond) “interzones”, with Venus projecting a liminal space somewhere in between elements. In their words, “water knows no boundaries”, a parallel to Green-House, an artist who lifts sonic barriers and binaries through “augmenting domestic space”. Designed with you in mind, there is a gentle ebb and flow to the narrative of this track-list, beginning with a bath, and ending with a lullaby.” – Elsa Monteith

Elsa is a forward-thinking freelance creative working with design studios, arts organisations, exhibitions, and radio platforms to help advance accessibility and representation in and beyond the arts industry. Elsa has been published internationally, writing on intersectionality, neurodiversity in the arts, and interdisciplinary music culture, whilst working in several different mediums including curating audio, delivering conceptual art projects, collaborating with film, and facilitating inclusivity in practice workshops. Elsa looks to work with like-minded people with a vested interest in progressive thought, innovative action, and shared spaces.

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