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Welcome to Kobi Talks’ first in person table talk. At this event, we will be discussing with two creatives about their creative journey and what inspires them. We will be having open discussions about their processes. Miri is a Brighton based musician and creative as well as a long time friend who I will be discussing all things music and his inspiration with. Mahalia and Kaia are two Brighton based creatives and owners of the Yappedout podcast. 

Kobi will be discussing their individual creative choices, mentorship, creating from scratch, creating with no support and inspirations There will also be a discussion between Kobi and creative producer Pacheanne Anderson about being a creative too, with an aim to give space for black creatives in Sussex and Brighton to discuss their talents.

Programme schedule:

3.30pm Kobi & Pacheanne
4.30pm Kobi & Miri
6.00pm Kobi & Mahalia & Kaia

This is a free, drop-in event.

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MFLC or Miri is a 19 year old mixed race trans man born in Brighton and raised in Brighton. He has been performing for the last six years here and has demos live on Soundcloud. The goal is to one day be able to live off of his music and play to queer POCX crowds all over the uk. After his top surgery he wants to really pull focus to achieving that. Emotional acoustic bangers that usually leave the audience in tears is MFLC’s game. With a childhood and adolescence of homophobic or racist bullying and other forms of abuse tied into his lyricism at the heart of his process, he appreciates an audiences focus and hopes his words can make people feel less alone. Follow his process online – on instagram.

Kaia and Mahalia created YappedOut Podcast in the hope to give a voice to the BIPOC community. They will talk about various topics, from things such as Black History to lighter things, like Love and Dating in the community. They hope that as they go on this Journey, they are able to build a loving, honest and engaging relationship with the public, and hope to have regular listeners

Pacheanne Anderson offers a channel of access between the non-profit and commercial art sector through providing opportunities to artists directly, through exhibitions, residencies, sales and commissions. We collaborate with art galleries & institutions, organisations and publications that support the development and promotion of low-income, queer, Black and POC British artists.

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