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Joshua Le Gallienne & Jordan Edge

What might it mean to listen queerly? What would a non-binary perspective of sound encompass? How does identifying as queer, trans and/or non-binary shape our perspectives on listening and impact how we produce sound?

This workshop will provide a forum for considering sound within a queer framework. The session will be led by Joshua Le Gallienne & Jordan Edge, two non-binary practitioners working within the field of sound art. Joshua and Jordan have worked as a duo since 2016, producing touring exhibitions, collaborative installations and undertaking artist residencies in the UK and Europe. Their work has sought to produce sound from unconventional means and processes, often incorporating the regulation and modulation of air.

The content for this workshop emerged from conversations between the artists held over the last two years. Over time it became apparent that they were both attempting to formalise non-binary perspectives into their practices, albeit in radically different ways. The artists will start the session by reflecting on their first-hand experiences. The workshop will also include listening exercises, sound-making tasks and opportunities for inclusive conversations on the possible futures of queer listening.

This workshop will take place at 6 Dorset Place, Brighton, BN2 1ST. Attendance is free but advance booking is required.

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Joshua Le Gallienne (b. 1985 Essex UK) is a non-binary British artist exploring sustainable and unconventional approaches to the production and perception of acoustic sound within an artistic context. Through sculpture, installation, and performance, the artist stages intimate experiences that explore the relationships between sound, physical materials and environmental phenomena. Unusually, for an artist working predominantly with sound, Joshua does not use digital technologies, loudspeakers, or conventional sources of energy in their practice and operates primarily outside of a traditional gallery context. With each new piece, new materials and configurations are introduced. Previous works have employed pyrotechnics, blocks of ice, compressed air, carbonated liquids, and biodegradable plastic sheeting for their sonic qualities.

Since 2012 Joshua’s work has been regularly presented in the UK and internationally, receiving numerous awards including The Auxiliary’s Sonic Arts Emerging Artist Exhibition Award (2019) and Sound and Music’s Francis Chagrin Award (2020). Their work is unmediated and mostly undocumented, in line with this the artist has no website or online presence.

Jordan Edge (b. 1993 Newcastle UK) works at the intersection of experience design, sound art and fictional worlding, presenting non-human narrative through material forms of expression. Their work manipulates organic materials such as silicone, latex and glass using air, robotics, soft robotics and sound to create kinetic sculptures that function as generative forms of abstract communication. Jordan builds worlds by deconstructing human experience, and translating it into non-human experience; non-human sonic entities.

Jordan gained an MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London in 2019. They received the Seoul award of Excellence in 2017 and The Auxiliary’s Sonic Arts Emerging Artist Exhibition Award in 2019. In 2021 Jordan received Sound UK’s six month Research & Development Residency.

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