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We commissioned artist Jordan Edge to create an audio response to Joshua Le Gallienne’s Action Without Action exhibition. Jordan has curated a mix focusing on the sonic qualities of air and gases, reflecting Joshua’s practice. Headphones are recommended as the audio has been mixed for an intimate listening experience. The mix will be online until the end of the exhibition period (February 26th 2022).

“The listen includes a variety of sonic artworks that use air as their primary medium. I’ve approached this mix in response to the themes of sonic reductionism to reflect the minimalist and bare aesthetics present in Joshua’s work. Their work steps towards the absolute minimum, the space between sounds and matter. These immaterial elements aid the production of sound but become the sonic material itself. This mix will take you on a journey through aeolian instruments, wind chasms, sound sculptures, air-powered organs, pneumatic systems and more. These artworks are all living, speaking and breathing through, with, in and by air.” – Jordan Edge

1. Hans Van Koolwijk – Oorsprong
2. Mike Tonkin & Anna Liu – Singing Ringing Tree
3. Fujiita – Closed Spaces
4. Max Eastley – Aerophones 1
5. Jordan Edge & Joshua Le Gallienne – Pressure Gradients (excerpt)
6. Raphaël August Opstaele – Vlissingen Wind Organ
7. Michele Spanghero – Echea Aeolica
8. Jordan Edge & Joshua Le Gallienne – Pressure Gradients (excerpt)
9. Fabrizio Di Salvo – OSZ~
10. Edwin Van Der Heide – Pneumatic Sound Field (binaural recording)

Jordan Edge works at the intersection of experience design, sound art and fictional worlding, presenting non-human narrative through material forms of expression. Their work manipulates organic materials such as silicone, latex and glass using air, robotics, soft robotics and sound to create kinetic sculptures that function as generative forms of abstract communication. Jordan builds worlds by deconstructing human experience, and translating it into non-human experience; non-human sonic entities. Jordan gained an MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London in 2019. They received the Seoul award of Excellence in 2017 and The Auxiliary’s Sonic Arts Emerging Artist Exhibition Award in 2019. In 2021 Jordan received Sound UK’s six month Research & Development Residency.


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