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Brighton CCA

A new centre for
contemporary arts at the
University of Brighton

This event is part of Lloyd Corporation

In this podcast series you’ll hear the extraordinary anecdotes behind some remarkable collections. By engaging with objects through personal stories, we will hear each collection has been found, bought, and may be sold, in order to reflect on the culture of objects and one’s trash being another’s treasure.

Do you have collection you would like to share? Email Polly Wright (Programme Producer) to register your interest with your name and a description of your collection.

This is part of a programme of events that respond to Today’s gift is tomorrow’s commodity. Yesterday’s commodity is tomorrow’s found art object. Today’s art object is tomorrow’s junk. And yesterday’s junk is tomorrow’s heirloom by Lloyd Corporation.

We will release each 30-minute podcast during the last week of the exhibition and they will be available to listen to for free on Soundcloud. A transcript will be made accessible on our website.

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