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This exhibition is the first retrospective of the ground breaking performance collective Dog Kennel Hill Project, offering a unique perspective on the last 15 years of their practice working across film, dance, performance and sculpture. The exhibition, presented across the South Gallery, is a closely woven installation of films, performance documentation, props, ephemera and works in progress mapping the group’s collaborative approach and studio practice. At its centre is the commission to develop a new performance work as part of the exhibition.  

Reflecting this dual function of commission and retospective, Dog Kennel Hill Project have created a studio within the gallery; a space incorporating performance, hosting workshops and discussions surrounded by the evidence of projects both past and yet to come. In this environment visitors can engage with their creative practice and trace the ways in which ideas have developed and evolved. There will also be opportunities to participate in this process directly through a specially devised programme of talks and workshops.  

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Dog Kennel Hill Project’s practice is built around an innovative approach to performance making, rooted in the disciplines of contemporary dance and choreography, while drawing on histories of cinema and participation. Their work is often collaborative, working with partners and audiences to devise the form and content of works. As part of their ongoing series, Etudes in Tension and Crisis, the artists invite participants to engage in scenarios deconstructing scenes from popular film such as The Shining (1980) or Runaway Train (1985).  Works such as Choreography of an Argument Round a Table (2015) and DIABOLIC (2014) appropriate linguistic structures from interviews to arguments, creating densely layered performances which can appear simultaneously familiar, absurd or even grotesque. These works create a strong sense of recognition in the viewer, and a sense of empathy with the situations, movements and responses they embody. Through enmeshing their source material and their audiences’ responses, Dog Kennel Hill Project create works which stretch the boundaries of their discipline and offer a perspective of our culture which is at once ritualised and enthralled to the idea of the individual.  

Dog Kennel Hill Project are Henrietta Hale, Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Ash they are based in London. 

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