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This event is part of COMMUNAL

This online talk explored the digital presences of artist Sarah Boulton’s practice. The focus was on else-where-ness, portals, layers and invisibility and the poetry that working with these themes in an online context can propose.

We invite you to consider how artworks can exist on online, both in the form of an artist’s website, and also in terms of using websites as spaces for artworks to exist in.

The event’s title, Specifics refers to a body of text Boulton wrote to accompany her recent work, Website, 2018-19 that outlines many of the logics and codes embedded in the piece.

Sarah Boulton (b.1989) has presented artworks at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, Cell Project Space, London, Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh and Patara Gallery, Tbilisi. She is currently working on a piece for an immaterial art biennale in France, La Biennale Momon. Her writings have appeared in Tender JournalDanarti and in the 2015 Best British Poetry Anthology, and ‘CONTINUUM’ her first collection of texts has recently been published with Care of Time.

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