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'Birdman' Courtesy Samantha McCulloch

Extract from 'Envelope - A Pretext' - Download full PDF below

'Girl with dog' Courtesy Samantha McCulloch

My most recent lodger and other stories is a collaboration between writer Samantha McCulloch and Polly Wright, Programme Producer at Brighton CCA for COMMUNAL: Now_Online.

Inspired by Ursula Le Guin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, this four part project transpires and manifests as a pouch containing tips for trying times. The stories and events have been inspired by children’s books and rhymes, fiction as research as quick and come to you as joyful acts of drawing and playing. The figure of the lodger, who arrives at the door quite unexpectedly in My most recent lodger, is a prompt for some much needed self and collective reflection.

Participants can download and read the specially written short texts, join a workshop and listen to our podcast with Samantha speaking about her creative process.

Envelope – A Pretext
Available to download and read here. 

My most recent lodger – A Piece of Fiction
Available to download and read here.

Writing and Drawing Workshop
This happened on 21 April 2020, please find a PDF version of the workshop here.

In conversation: Samantha McCulloch & Polly Wright


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Samantha says, “Writing and sketching are about being curious, producing an outline and then fleshing out the sensibilities, tonalities, and idioms. Sometimes a light trace is enough. Sometimes an aspect of a picture requires more elaboration. Working between two forms can elucidate unexpected aspects of each. For example, working with the suggestive stroke of a brush encourages a looseness in writing. Writing is a way of working something out, of getting at the heart of a problem, it is the process of giving shape to a vaguely defined wash. Drawing is the process of washing and picturing, of finding the ether for a story or an essay.”

Samantha McCulloch is a writer and researcher based in Amsterdam. She is a doctoral candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis where she is researching relations between race and land in the 19th century Cape Colony. She also writes essays and fiction about possession, relations to land  and questions of ownership.

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