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Exhibition preview: Friday 1st April 2022, 6pm
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Not Here, Not There brings together the works of three graduates from the University of Brighton’s MA course in Fine Art. Their art shares some conceptual similarities but is significantly different in media and visual aesthetics.

Mo is an Iranian artist, resident in the UK, who has worked with galleries across England, Europe and the Middle East. His practice has always explored the inter-relations of past and present experience, often juxtaposing two images in the same painting. Political themes and memories of his childhood in Iran are frequent reference points. In this recent project he focuses on landmark events in the UK between 1986 and 2014, a time period when he was absent from the country.

Hugh is an award-winning British photographer who has worked commercially for over ten years, on portraits as well as documentary projects. As a practising artist, he is resident in Brighton’s Phoenix Studios. A central focus of Hugh’s art is spaces―physical, metaphysical and virtual―how we react and interact within those spaces, what they mean to us, and the implications when the lines between them become blurred.

Steve is a freelance graphic designer who has adapted skills and ideas from that vocation into his art practice, most significantly the manipulation of photographic images. One area of renewed interest has been the appropriation and transformation of old photographs, sourced from the junk and antique shops of Brighton, and from public archives. Group photos in particular have invited investigations into themes of conformity, individuality, identity and alienation.

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