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Convergence brings together the work of Clive Parsley, Callum Konetsky and Michael Olden, three artists who, all in their own way, layer time and meaning into a narrative that transcends its constituent parts. They mine the past and re-present it in the present as a gift for an uncertain future.

By turns we are beguiled with the manipulation of plate glass negatives bringing us face to face with ghostly apparitions, we are swept up in a kaleidoscope of critical eroticism and finally harangued with chalk boards and mind maps weaving together the unbelievable.

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22 Cavendish Street: Sea of Faces, Clive Parsley

With his recent collection of works entitled ‘Recovered’, Clive uses abandoned objects and site intervention to invoke the memory of space by photographically wrapping the objects in their real or imagined settings. More recently he has created site-specific installations at a confessional booth and now here at The Dorset Place Gallery. His pieces attempt to create an intimate human interface between a time and a place – perhaps opening a window onto a previous existence.

NO EXIT, Callum Konetsky.

In this work Callum is continuing his experimentation with film. Using layers of found footage to convey a dream like world exploring the depths of reality, sex, and masculinity. Using video editing software Callum has obscured and edited existing footage giving it new meaning and context, pairing this with distorted and eerie audio. Abandoning narrative completely the work aims to conjure mood through suggestion.

DEUS EX MACHINA, Michael Olden

Michaels practice is formed from a disparate handful of mediums, a fact he’s only just beginning to recognise himself. Threads that weave together: Thoughts on time and its passing; A strong element of storytelling and a childish glee with all there is to know, bind them. A tumbling word play has culminated in a presentation, concerned with chalk boards, trestles and planks accompanied the clickety-clack of film running through an endless loop.

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