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Brighton CCA

A new centre for
contemporary arts at the
University of Brighton

This event is part of COMMUNAL

Responding to the spread of COVID-19, COMMUNAL became Brighton CCA’s public programme online during the lockdown. Here you can see traces from the workshops and collaborations. The film above brings together a collection of research from the activity, the gallery below celebrates the riso prints created across the programme.

Contemporary social and political culture is deeply rooted in the conception of the heroic individual. In her text The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, Ursula K. Le Guin gives a reading of the historical narrative of human history as something collective and collaborative. Working with artists, researchers and organisations, Passages of Time was a three part programme examining alternative understandings of our social narratives and the models of organisation which reflect them. The first chapter considered the historical roots of our discourse, the second how these are manifested in the present and the third how we can effect change.

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