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Flo Brooks. Cream Tea, edition II


  • Artists' Editions
  • Angletwich, Edition II
  • 2021
  • Acrylic on MDF
  • c. 12 x 12.5cm


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To accompany his show Angletwich, Flo Brooks has made a series of 3 unique editions of a work included in the exhibition. Each edition is hand painted on MDF board, signed, dated and numbered on the reverse.

Flo Brooks’ practice encompasses painting, sculpture, collage, publishing and social engagement. For this major new commission with Brighton CCA, Brooks has expanded the scope of his work to present this suite of paintings within a sculptural installation for the first time. The title of the show, Angletwich, takes its name from a Devonshire dialect term for a worm used in fishing bait, but has evolved to describe a fast moving creature or child. It speaks to the frenetic layering of people and activity within the works as well as recurrent motifs of migration and the makeshift.

In weaving together this semi autobiographical narrative of queer and trans experience, Brooks has turned to the rural South West England where he grew up and in particular its marginalised spaces and communities. These new works centre on a series of rural archetypes; from the livestock fair and the post office, to a lonely bus stop, generating a simultaneous sense of familiarity and isolation. Each work in the exhibition is part of a wider whole; depicting characters, scenes and places which together develop a critical narrative of place and queer experience in Britain.

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