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Acts of Transfer


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Acts of Transfer is a project about returns, re-enactments, repetitions, and retellings. A collaboration between artist Katy Beinart and writer Lizzie Lloyd, Acts of Transfer documents and reactivates a selection of artworks from the past that contain elements of social engagement or public participation.

As the winter lockdown of 2021 eased, Beinart and Lloyd organised a series of visits to meet with 9 artists and project participants to return to the site of a participatory artwork on which they had previously worked together. These encounters reflected on the experience of thinking about an artwork from the past, and considering its ongoing effect in the present. The conversation turned on how the memory of the original artwork shifts in the retelling, how the return to a particular site prompts new memories, and how bringing back together artist and participant sheds light on the impact of this relationship.

The outcomes of the project include a series of short films, audio works, other artworks, and texts. This book includes texts by Lizzie Lloyd alongside images from the collaborative project.

Publication Design and Art Direction by Des Lloyd Behari.

Social Art Publications, 2022

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